Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So I have decided there is an art to swaddling and I just haven't gotten it down yet. Dave does so much better than me. She hates to have her hands down but she always wakes herself up when she moves them. So today dave put them down and she didn't even cry for him. I think she is a daddy's little girl and likes to upset mommy. I got so frustrated last night with it last night. I just let her scream forever and then she made herself so tired because of that, when I picked her up she fell right to sleep. So I have decided to let her cry a little bit because it wears her out and no crying will hurt her even though she sounds like someone hit her or something. So in the end swaddling is great if you can do it but if you can't it just makes you rip your hair out!


Mandy, Brant, Jaxon and Boston said...

AMEN! I think every mother and Father feels the same way. And trust me I work for 6 pediatricans that say it is ok to let them cry. You can't hold a baby too much....but it is ok to let them cry. We have all been there and it is hard...but sweet little Olivia just loves you so much. She is probably a lot like you...just like Jaxon was like me...and he loved to give me stress! But in the end it is all worth it....Post some more pictures when you can..I am sure she is changing so much! Love ya!

Kristine said...

You should look at Toysrus or Target they have the swaddle blanket and all you have to do is velcro it to the right spots and it usually stays in place. It is so much easier than trying to figure out a regular blanket (which I have yet to figure out).

I remember so well with Curtis being so frustrated because he would cry and nothing I did seemed to work. I would start crying and tell John the baby hates me. He would than start crying because the rest of us were crying. We were just so tired and didn't know what we were doing. However, around 4 months I think we finally got the hang of everything. Of course learning to let your kid cry is half the battle. Props for you for figuring it out so early.

And David, start looking in S. Carolina for jobs. No firm plans for us to move there yet but we are thinking this is where we are headed. Greenville to be exact.

Andrea Hardman said...

Have you tried to swaddle her with her arm bent and crossed in front of her body? Maybe she would like that more. My babies HATED having their arms down to the side but loved when I'd swaddle them nice and tight with the little fists up by thier mouths. Maybe it's more natural feeling or something. And it is hard to let them cry, huh? I used to set the timer for 10 or 15 minutes just because it would drive me crazy and I'd think I had waited forever to pick her up but it had only been like 2 minutes.