Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hi everybody!

Howdy ya'll from Austin, TX! HAHA I have just always wanted to say that.

So I have been keeping it real out here with my parents. I am starting to really like baths. The water is so nice and warm. I love feeling clean, and it gives me a chance to not have a diaper and pee on my parents. It is so funny.
Grandpa Lynn is here for a visit now. He is very cuddly, and I like having him around. He also brought me some presents from Grandma Lynn, some little booties for my blessing. Which was today. Daddy did a good job and it was very sweet.

My grandpa's and one of my grandmas are here for a visit and everybody was so loud after we got home from church that I had to cover my eyes to try and get some sleep. My carseat makes a nice little bed, but I am growing so fast mom and dad have to get a new headrest for me. I also went in Daddy's truck for the first time. It is so big and fun to ride in.

Mom and dad like to wrap my arms up, so sometimes I have to have mom check my email for me. It is not fair that they don't just let me do it myself, but I guess you have to crawl before you can walk.

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