Thursday, August 21, 2008

Love Sac

So I thought I would show you our adorable daughter in our love sac. She is so small in it and she loves to take naps in it. She can sleep for about 4 hours in it, it is quite nice. Mommy and Daddy are starting to get back to normal but I am seeming to go crazy in this apartment but can't really go anywhere right now. Dave has a new shift at work now so when he gets home he gets the 03:00 shift which is nice for me. She did keep us up last night that was fun! Oh well life of being a parent.


Andrea Hardman said...

What a cute picture! I love how tiny she looks. It's a fun time. Love you

Kristine said...

she looks sotiny on your huge love sac. alessia use to love sleeping on the love sac too. i am glad she is sleeping more.

Kim said...

Hey I found your blog through Tawnas. Your baby girl is adorable. Email me your address and I will give you permission to my blog.
Kim (Profaizer)Lovell