Saturday, September 18, 2010

livy loves her brother

So I thought I would update you on livy and easton. Olivia loves to smother her brother with kisses. She cannot stop kissing him. It is so funny because when she kisses him on the lips he thinks it is a binki and starts sucking on her and she thinks it is hysterical so she keeps on doing it. He sucks on her cheek her nose and her mouth he will suck on anything. He is so cute. She loves to help mommy and grandma feed the bottle but doesn't get the concept about keeping the nipple in the mouth and she gets mad if you help her so then we have to take the bottle away from her and she throws a tantrum. She likes to help burp Easton, comb his hair, and help give baths. She is such the helper. I am so glad she loves her brother and always worries when he cries. Easton loves her big sister. Easton is such the sleeper, the pooper, and eater. He sure knows how to shoot himself with his peepee and has done it quite a few times now. I just love to give him squeezes and he is such a good sleeper. Well there is your update.

Friday, September 10, 2010

You may call me Lynn, Easton Lynn.

So mommy and daddy kept telling me they are too tired, and too busy to post pictures of me...blah blah blah. They really need to check their priorities. So I decided to get on and post some pictures myself. Luckily my big sister did it when she was little so she was able to help me out. I hope you enjoy these pictures of the best day in the history of the world (my birthday for those of you that may be confused).

This is my hot mommy right before I came into this world. She was tired and ready for me to come out, but I was so worth it.

This is me getting weighed for the very first time. I apologize for my nakedness but I didn't have much choice in the matter. I really am a very modest young man. As you can see I was a whopping 9 pounds 1.5 ounces. Livy may have been a little taller, but she's got nothing on my weight. I guess I am just like daddy, stocky. (No Uncle John, not fat.)
Here is my first picture with mommy and daddy. I was a little cold after being naked for so long so they had to bundle me up. My mommy is quite cute, I'm not sure how daddy got so lucky on that one, but I am glad he did because I am adorable.

This was after my first bath. I hear that big sister likes to take baths a lot, and after my first one I can see why. They gave me a full body massage, and warm water cascaded through my hair. (As you can see my big head contains a large brain already filled with quite the vocabulary. ) The experience left me with a smile on my face just like it would have for anyone who enjoys the finer comforts in life.
I am so excited to be with my family now. I know that they have been waiting for a long time. I am also glad daddy was able to be there with us before he left to get his orders for the Air Force. We are all going to miss daddy a lot and I am sure he will miss us too. Mommy and Livy are lucky that they have such a great man to take care of them while Daddy is away. At least we get the weeked to spend together, and I get to watch my first BYU game with daddy before he leaves on Monday.
I will post some more pictures when mommy and daddy get around to taking some. Thank you all for the well wishes for my mommy. She is doing great, and we are all excited to go home tomorrow.