Sunday, January 24, 2010

Livy always makes us smile!

There are so many times that Livy just seems to drive me nuts, but then she pulls some funny stuff and you can't help but laugh at her. Even if you tried to be mad you couldn't because she is just so funny. One of her favorite things to do is to laugh hysterically when you laugh. She has been doing a lot more mimicking lately. The other day Amanda yelled at me jokingly and Livy turned and pointed at me and started yelling too. Then when we started laughing she just laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world. Enjoy some cute pictures.

Livy loves to eat like a big girl now. She often won't eat unless you give her a fork or a spoon. She loves waffles too, and this time she ate almost as much as mommy.

Apparently we don't feed her quite enough because she felt the need to lick her plate clean. Then again maybe she just liked the sugary syrup.

For some reason Livy was really frustrated and just wanted to take her clothes off. She didn't quite succeed, but it made her happy to know that she could look like her cousin Curtis. I think her plumber crack is cuter though.

I think Livy knew how special this blanket is because she picked it up, carried it to the couch and cuddled up with it. I tried to take it away when it was time for her nap but she got super mad with me so she took it in for her nap and has been sleeping with it ever since. I took my fair share of naps with it, as did my Grandpa Drechsel. It is a super special blanket that my mom made.

Livy has become obsessed with sunglasses recently. She likes to wear them even when it is dark outside. It is quite funny because she will take them off and then go to mommy and want them back on. This pose just shows that she knows how cool she is eating her popcorn and drinking her juice.. We all hope to be that cool someday.

Friday, January 15, 2010


So my daughter had one of her friends come over and dave caught this picture of them watching tv together. Apparently livy liked to sit in Nathans lap while he was in the bumbo because he was sitting in it which is quite funny. Then the other picture is of my adorable daughter dressed in a new dress from her Aunt Kristine. We just love it when we can get the cheesy smile out of her it makes life so great.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Trip!

So we just got back from our christmas at my brothers house and we had such a good time. Besides the fact of giving the stomach flu to all her family but they said it was worth it for us to come but we still felt bad. We got there on Christmas eve pretty late and woke up early to open presents. The kids got so much stuff and Andrea has no idea where to put it all and I don't blame her from having a house to an apartment is pretty hard. We ate tons of yummy food while we were there. Dave and I went on two dates together and Rhyan and Andrea got to go out to. We also got a babysitter one night and went out as couples. We played shuffle board, pool, and went to dinner. We did a ton of laughing that our stomachs would hurt because my brother says the most hysterical things especially on new years he is seriously a dork sometimes but I love it about him. Olivia and Brooklyn played so well the whole trip until the last day and Brookie just was not liking Olivia. The kids loved playing the Wii that Dave got for christmas that when we left yesterday there parents went out and bought one for them. I thought that was pretty funny. We saw some great movies at the theater Chipmunks, Sherlock Holmes, and Blind Side. They were all great and would recommend them to all. We went to this really cool science museum for kids and the kids loved this really cool burp machine of course. All in all it was very fun and not stressful at all. We did get stuck on the freeway for 3 and 1/2 hours coming there because stupid Arkansas (that I vow I will never go back to again) but it was great. Thanks so much for such a great trip!

Singing Time!

So my daughter loved the piano and sang while I played but then also sighed when I hit the wrong note you will see from one of the pictures she is not quite sure about my piano playing. It was nice being able to play the piano for a while as I miss it a lot.