Friday, August 14, 2009

ONE year old!

Guess who turned one this week. Olivia! She is such a big girl now and I can't believe how fast one year goes by. We have had so much fun with her. She started walking at ten months. She now runs everywhere and loves to climb on everything. She loves sitting up on the cough and the love sac! She does not take a bottle anymore and no more formula as of this week. Yeah saving money is always nice. She talks all the time but mostly gibberish. She loves to wave Hi and Bye bye to anyone by her. She likes to give us slobbery kisses which I love. She is starting to be more cuddly which I am loving since she never has been when she was a newborn. She is so easy to put to sleep and sleeps from seven till seven thirty in the morning. She giggles at anything you do and makes the cutest faces. I am writing this all down so I can remember the things at this time she is doing. We are so happy she is in our lifes. As for Dave and I we are moving into a new apartment soon so we are going to start packing away. Livy and I started a mommy and me swimming class and I love it she has so much fun and is the loudest child in the class. I feel bad for the teacher but what can I say she likes to speak her mind all the time. Dave is off to drill this weekend and is going to the Texas Rangers vs. Red Sox and I am so mad that I couldn't go since that is my team. All I can say is the Red Sox better beat them now that I couldn't go just to get him back.