Sunday, June 28, 2009

I want my grandma back!

So my grandma Lynn came down to watch me while daddy was finishing his training up in Ft. Worth. We had so much fun playing together, reading books, and walking around. She is so much more fun than mommy and daddy. I wanted to sneak into her suitcase but daddy caught me and wouldn't let me go.

I am still having fun with daddy and mommy though. I do all kinds of stuff to drive them nuts. They put all my books on the book shelf, and I just pull them right back off. Then I will go over to the trash can and start pulling stuff out. Daddy got so frustrated with me he broke the lid trying to stop me, which only makes it easier for me.

I am loving walking all over the place, and I can even climb up and down the Lovesac now.

It is so hot here right now and I am so excited to play with all of my cousins in Oregon next week. I hear that it is nice and cool and pretty there. We are going to have so much fun.

Here are a couple of pictures from when Grandma came, I hope she comes back soon.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trip to see daddy!

So I know we have neglected posting for a while but we will try to be better at it. Olivia and I are up in Fort Worth visiting Dave right now. Yesterday night livy and I got to go to our first rangers game. The ball park is a really cool site to see. It definitely helped that the game was a good one. Olivia was really good. We also got season tickets so we were right behind home plate on Row 13 they were sweet seats.

Today we woke up and went to go to the science museum in Fort Worth but it is closed for reconstruction so we decided to go to the Fort Worth Zoo. We really like this zoo it is a nice one and they have this really good mexican grille there. We have so pictures we will post of it. Livy liked looking at the different animals and then taking a nap in her stroller. It is so blood hot outside though that at 2 we had to leave to come back to air conditioning. I am going to post a lot of pictures of other events to.

While Dave has been gone this past week Olivia has been staying at some friends house and was such a good girl. The second friend she stayed with she has a little boy olivias age and apparently if she had both of them on her lap they didn't like it so they would shove each other. They would follow each other around. Then he grabbed her hand you will see in the picture. She got a really cute picture of her to that I will post. Tomorrow Livy and I will go back to pick up Grandma Lynn for the week we are very excited to have her stay with us. Dave is enjoying training for the military right now and staying busy. That is our update for right now!