Sunday, June 28, 2009

I want my grandma back!

So my grandma Lynn came down to watch me while daddy was finishing his training up in Ft. Worth. We had so much fun playing together, reading books, and walking around. She is so much more fun than mommy and daddy. I wanted to sneak into her suitcase but daddy caught me and wouldn't let me go.

I am still having fun with daddy and mommy though. I do all kinds of stuff to drive them nuts. They put all my books on the book shelf, and I just pull them right back off. Then I will go over to the trash can and start pulling stuff out. Daddy got so frustrated with me he broke the lid trying to stop me, which only makes it easier for me.

I am loving walking all over the place, and I can even climb up and down the Lovesac now.

It is so hot here right now and I am so excited to play with all of my cousins in Oregon next week. I hear that it is nice and cool and pretty there. We are going to have so much fun.

Here are a couple of pictures from when Grandma came, I hope she comes back soon.


Kristine said...

we love it when Grandma comes and plays with us too.

We would also love it if you came and played. Are you still thinking of coming in Nov.?

Dave said...

We are still thinking about it, but we will have to see as it gets closer.