Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just getting started

So with Amanda getting the first of many drugs in the next 24 hours, a sleeping pill, I guess it falls to me to keep everyone informed. Which obviously is the much easier job. They gave her some drug to help soften her cervix that they expect will stay there until about 7 tomorrow morning. Once she is ready they will give her Petosin(sp?) and then they say it should all happen pretty quick. When we got her at 6 she was a three and was having contractions every 6-8 mins. From what i can tell she is having them every 3-4 mins now so it seems to be progressing all by itself. It would be nice if she could do it without anything else forcing it, but we shall see. I tried to take a picture of her, but the battery on the camera was dead, so it is charging now. Lucky for me I found out when the picture didn't matter or I may have gotten fired.

So, I've decided that while it in no way compares to having a baby, just sitting here being able to do nothing for her sucks. They really hurt her putting the IV in, and it really sucked not being able to do anything. I'm assuming it will only be worse once it all actually happens.

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