Monday, August 11, 2008

Introducing Olivia Kristine Lynn

As all of you were expecting, we finally had our little girl this afternoon. Olivia Kristine Lynn was born at 1:19 this afternoon. She weighed 8 pounds and thirteen ounces and was 20 inches long. She has dark red hair and is absolutely adorable as you can see by the pictures. Mom and baby are both doing great and have no problems. Amanda was amazing. She only had to push for a little less than an hour, and the nurses all said that was unfair. Olivia is naturally the favorite in the nursery. She has a full head of hair and is such a good little girl. We are so excited for her to finally be here in our family. I'm sure there will be pictures galore once Amanda gets some more energy, but here are a couple of my favs.


pianogirl said...

Ooooh! Congratulations! Glad everything went well. Your "favorite uncle Dennis" will wish he had you as a child instead of a nephew. He has always wanted a redheaded grandchild. I don't see it happening for him anytime soon.

Glad you joined the blogging world.

Kristine said...

Congratulations! She is oh so cute. And the name is excellent!

I hope you are all recovering and adapting well. Post more pictures!