Saturday, July 10, 2010

livy fell

So Olivia was playing at the playground the other day and head planted first on the cement and ended up getting a bad scar on her nose and under her nose. The poor thing it was so sad. She always runs to fast and then trips over herself. She is a trooper though and it didn't bother her until she wanted to rip the scab off and felt the pain from that. She drives me nutts how she always wants to rip her scabs off. She is so happy all the time and it makes me happy that she is. She definitely throws her fits and has so much energy but thats what you get with a kid. Here is some pictures of her face and her friends Caleb and Nathan who she just loves.


Kristin said...

I remember when my daughter face planted it on some concrete steps when she was about 2. I think it affected me more than her. Two minutes later she was fine and back to playing.

Anonymous said...

She is just too cute. Still my favorite baby.... besides mine =) BUT she isn't a baby!!

Thanks for your sweet comment.. i'm glad i'm not the only Hot beached whale around.

Jacque said...

This one time I was walking Andrew (he was a baby) and I was going pretty fast when a spider web went over my face. I lifted up both my arms to wipe it off, and the stroller ran right off the sidewalk. He had a nice briuse and I cried for an hour!
I really forgot you named her Olivia- we used lynn to name her after me (sorta) JacqueLINE- get it?

It's too funny! Sorry if that makes you sad.
Are you going to the class reunion?

amanda lynn said...

No I am not going to the reunion I will be super pregnant by then and can't fly. Someday maybe I will go. I will be out in Utah for 2 months starting in october though so we should get together.