Saturday, July 31, 2010

single for a week

So my husband and daugther left to utah without me this morning. I am a free woman for a week and half. It reminds me when I had no worries about taking care of nobody and I must say I am pretty excited about it. I remember I would go to the movies by myself cause I love it, I would go out to lunches with my single friends and just watch tons of movies. I must say that sounds superb to me. I have all these little projects in the house I need to finish up to so hopefully I will get it done. I will miss them a ton especially livy (no offense sweetie) this will be the longest time ever away from her. I am happy Dave gets to finally do this hike he has talked about every summer before he leaves he deserves it. It will also be good for my daughter to spend time with her grandmas and grandpas. So I am going to start watching movies now yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kristine said...

enjoy all the quiet and free time.

we are excited for when you guys come here so we can play with you guys. We will leave John with all the kids and so some girl stuff.