Thursday, June 10, 2010


So our poor daughter in the past three weeks has been bitten by two spiders. I hate spiders and I am so scared of them. The first time we had to take her to the ER because her hand swole up so bad and you can still see where that disgusting spider bit her. The doctor did not help me with telling us how disgusting the spiders mouth is and how much bacteria is in it. It gives me the shivers everytime I think about it. She then ends up getting antibiotics to take by mouth and then the next day went to our doctor and got two shots of an antibiotic in both thighs at the same time. Then today she wakes up from her nap and low and behold her ankle is all swolen up and is blistering just like the other did and she limps wherever she goes. We still have some antibiotic left so we started giving it to her again and benadryl for the swelling to go down. My poor baby but she is such a trooper. So Dave and I spent the afternoon swarming our apartment with spray and cleaning everything out. If we didn't catch the spider by now I have no idea where it was at. We found one in the window in the living room that was pretty big but I don't know if it is poisnous or not who can tell. All I know is insects and arachnids like my daughter to much and I hate them all. I had to suck up my fear though and kill whatever spider I could find for my daughter (dave was really the ones to kill them) which in the end we only found one small one and one pretty good size one. We hope that was it but man they do a lot of damage to you and stress me out that it will get into her blood. I always wonder why god had to make those horrible things.

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