Thursday, May 13, 2010

We got our date

Dave just got his OTS date for Sept. 14 Which means he is on his way to Alabama as am I. My brother and sister in law are letting me stay with them so I can have the baby there and dave will most likely be able to see the birth which will be good. Let's just hope my health will stay good until then and no complications so I can go out there. He will Graduate Dec 16 and then be on our way to move to Pensacola, FL. I can't wait to be back by the ocean I love it.

So an update on Olivia she likes to copy Daddy and I's every move. Whatever we do she will do. It is cute but gets annoying at times but she is learning and that is what I love. She loves to go swimming. Yesterday her and I went in the pool and she is not afraid to jump in the pool even if it is in a dangerous area by the steps and then she counts 1,2, 3 and I dunk her under the water. She loves it. She tells us all the time when she is peeing and poohing so I am guessing she is showing signs of potty training but I have no idea. I want to buy a little toilet soon and see if she will go but when I put her on the big potty. All she does is say pee pee and then makes the sound pssssss as if she is peeing. So she has no clue how to do it. Maybe I'll rent some potty training movies from the library and see if that helps her. She is such a joy and makes me smile all the time.


Kristin said...

That's exciting news about your family. As far as potty training, she will eventually figure it out. Of course you have to introduce her to it and encourage her but one day it will just click. My kids didn't like the little potty but love the potty rings that you put on the toilet and I like it better too because then you're not cleaning messes out of a bowl. Good luck in all your changes.

Tammy said...

Haha! Maddie does the same thing on the potty. Makes the peeing sound and does nothing.. Good luck with potty training!

Kristine said...

Both my kids love(d) Elmo's Potty Time and Once Upon a Potty. We had a little potty but never used it. We bought a small seat for the toilet and then that was it. And really we didn't need it too long.

Also I am so happy that you have your date now so you can now start planning everything.