Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Holidays

So I know it has been awhile since I have posted and know it is finally time to write something. November went by pretty fast for us. Olivia and I got to fly out to see my sister in Vegas and it was so fun seeing Heather finally being a mom it was a lot of fun and abigail is such a easy going and adorable baby she has it easy. We hung out a lot and ate yummy food. Saw my brother rhyan and his family for a day and went and saw christmas lights. My parents flew in on wednesday and we had a great time eating lots of food, going to see New Moon, and enjoying each others company. I left Dave behind and he was definitely ready for me to come by the end of the trip. I felt bad for leaving him but I made sure he was taken care of for Thanksgiving.

Can I just tell you I love getting into the christmas spirit and it is always hard living in a warm place to do that. Until I found out tonight that was are supposed to get snow and I am so excited for that besides the fact that I don't like the cold anymore and I have to always run to my car or a building cause I am not used to it. Livy liked helping me put the christmas decorations up and enjoys eating her nativity scene of wood. Dave said she took a chunk of baby jesus off today but I am sure he tastes good because babies are fun to nibble on. She loves watching the chipmunks movie and dances a ton while watching it. She is going on mommies footsteps dancing everywhere she goes. I can't wait to put her in dance class someday but if she doesn't like it I will understand. Another thing livy likes to do is climb into her stroller either in the basket in the bottom or the front and so Dave took a picture of her in the bottom basket of the stroller. That is about it besides the fact that our house is nervous for tomorrow because Dave finds out about the Air Force!

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Kristine said...

so sad that we missed you and livy. it would have been so good to see you.

and i hear congrats are in order. Yeah for Dave!