Friday, September 11, 2009

Prayers are answered!

This wonderful day came where dave got his condition of release from the marines back to join the air force. Heavenly Father worked our miracle for us and I cannot tell you how blessed I feel right now and know this is the right thing for our family. He has blessed our family by Dave being able to get this on time for the deadline. I want to thank all our family for the prayers they have asked for us for this to happen. I am so happy right now. Now it is just waiting until November to find out if he gets accepted or not. I truly feel he will have no problem and this is what our family is meant to do.


Bryan and Jennifer said...

What great news! We knew your prayers would be answered in just the right way. Congrats, Dave. You are a perfect fit for the air force.

Andrea Hardman said...

I agree with Jen's comment. Wonderful news. And I have looked on here since you posted and though, "Oh, what wonderful news." but I hadn't posted it yet. Love you guys. Oh, the box for Livvy should get there a week from tomorrow, friday.

Kristine said...

How exciting. We hope that everything else continues to fall into place.