Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our sweet daughter!

Our daughter is growing up so fast and I can't believe it. We gave her bangs recently and today at church one of the ladies says to me " She has a grown up hairdo now." It made me smile cause she literally has grown up so much. She does the funniest things for instance she loves to put her hands behind her back and contemplate about things it is so cute. I love how she starts laughing at random things and we have no idea what is funny. She is good at giving us her binki in the mornings when she wakes up and if she is not done with it she will run away on the other side of the crib. My favorite things is when I come home she runs to the door and says HI and gives me big squeezes on my legs it melts mommys heart! She loves to jabber all day she talks so much we just don't know what she is saying. She loves saying "woof woof" when she sees a dog I love it and daddy is very proud when she does that. I am posting some pictures from our trip but not my in laws because I am waiting for my sister in law to send me pictures.

My friend michelle, nathan and livy with bangs

Up in the mountains at big cottonwood

Grandpa and Livy taking a stroll!
Grandma Great Hardman and livy!

tickling livy!

Livy and I at my mom's house
trying to get livy to hug brooklyn
Brooklyn loved hugging livy!
Livy, Erika, and Grandma

My brother Rhyan and Livy!
Livy found out she doesn't like dirt!

Livy found dirt and ate it, quite funny she was mad.

Livy likes to put clothes on her head.


Andrea Hardman said...

So adorable! Love the pictures.

Kristine said...

She really is getting so big. I love the bangs. We debated bangs for Alessia but then her hair turned curly and the bangs idea went out the window.

Curtis also use to walk with his hands behind his back. It was so adorable.

Glad you had fun visiting all your family.