Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm becoming a woman

So I've decided that being a stay at home dad is turning me into a woman. I spent more time crying yesterday than I have in a long time.

First I wrote an email to the widow of a dear friend that died in a bike accident back in June. My family all knew him, but I may have known him best. He was a great man and an amazing friend. He was the one that introduced me to fly fishing as well as just being an inspiration in general. I spent many great days backpacking with him in the Uintahs, and I will always miss him.

I saw his wife on Facebook yesterday and I just really felt like I needed to email her. I pretty much cried the whole time I was writing the email, but it was worth it.

Then I got more information about the application process for the Air Force that was really frustrating and is going to make it even harder to get it all done. So I stopped and said a prayer and cried through that whole thing. On a side note, we got our prayers answered this morning as the paperwork moved to the next level this morning which has taken two and a half months, so we are keeping the hope that it will happen. Any prayers that anybody can spare would be greatly appreciated.

Then I watched a really great movie that I recorded over the weekend called Pride. It is about an all black swim team from Philadelphia and the racial struggle they faced. Again, I cried through most of the end of the movie. I love a good sports movie, and the deeper meaning just added to it.

Then I got an amazing present from my Grandma Drechsel. She recorded and wrote up some of her great spiritual experiences from her amazing life. I read through it last night, and once again I cried even more.

Essentially what I am saying is that I was a cry baby yesterday, but most of it was good crying. Here's to hoping everything works out quickly enough.


mel said...

I love it when guys cry...but not in a mean way. It means they care. I love you brother. I hope all the air force stuff keeps moving along.

Andrea Hardman said...

From the title, I thought this post was about Olivia and all the shopping and primping she must be doing. :) We'll keep you in our prayers, as always.

Kristine said...

are YOU pregnant, Dave? I cry a lot when I am pregnant. Oh and after I have the baby too. John has listened to me cry a lot. I think crying is good for people.

I hope the rest of the application process for the air force goes smoothly. And I agree, your Grandma's letter did bring tears to my eyes too.

Bryan and Jennifer said...

You big baby! I love it. Keep it up! And you are always in our prayers. Things will work out just right.