Thursday, February 26, 2009

So fun being sick!

We have one sick house today. I am happy that it is not me, but when two thirds of the family is sick, it is no fun being the other third. Amanda woke up this morning and didn't feel good but went to work anyway. She is such a trooper. She then wisely came home early.

I was supposed to work this afternoon but she just didn't have the energy to take care of Livy so I called in sick for a half day, and now I am at work doing all the little end of day garbage I have to do. It was such a joy staying home though.

I must say I have changed so many poopy diapers today that everything kind of smells like diarrhea to me right now. If you have never experienced this phenomenon, I do not recommend it. Hopefully everyone will be feeling better tomorrow.


Andrea Hardman said...

Oh, I hope you all are feeling well soon. It's terrible to be sick. Good luck to you, Dave. Here's to hoping that you don't get it.

Kristine said...

we are sorry to hear that 2/3rds of your house is sick. we know how not so fun that is. i hope you all recover soon and that you won't be smelling poop for much longer. As a side note I can't use Luvs diapers anymore because when Curtis was a baby he got diarrhea while using those diapers and so now every time I use them that is what they smell like to me. Any how, good luck getting better fast.