Friday, February 13, 2009

A Day at the park

So this past week we went to the park and had a good time together. Dave and I have a nice trail that runs in our neighborhood and takes you to this fun park. Olivia can finally sit by herself so we were able to put her in the swing and help her down the slide. She mostly just had a confused look on her face the whole time but she didn't care she loves being outside and with mommy and daddy. I hope you enjoy the pictures. The last picture I have I put in because livy fits in this really cute outfit Grandma Great Grover got her and I had to show it off. We love being together as a family since we don't get those days very often. I cherish those days.

Isn't this one hilarious, there facial expressions are alike like father like daughter!


Andrea Hardman said...

Super, super cute! What a beauty. I'm jealous of the warmth and the grass there. It's snowing again here today.

Bryan and Jennifer said...

I love the outfit and the hair. Oh, you get to do hair now. How fun.