Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fashion show

Seeing as how I am a little girl, the most adorable little girl ever, I love changing my clothes all of the time. Sometimes when mommy and daddy don't change my outfit enough i get it messy so they have to. It is hilarious. Anyways, I just thought I would show all of you some of my favorite outfits.
My aunt Mary sent me some cute socks for Halloween and they just made me even more adorable. They are so soft and cozy and they went great with my favorite onsie.
When you are as cute as me, you have to go out and show everyone because you have to share your talents with other people. So I had mommy take me to lunch with my friend Laura. She is pretty cool, but she does like sushi, yucky. Daddy says I have to be nice even though she likes yucky food.
You can see my cute costume from Halloween in the blog below this one, but daddy wanted everyone to see the cute words on my feet. I am quite lovable.
I had a new dress to wear on Sunday, and I was so freaking adorable. There are lots of babies in our ward, and they all like me. Being this cute, I have to workout during the week so that I can fight off all the boys, cause boys are yucky, and they all like me.
After church I had to put on my favorite outfit. I'm not quite big enough for it yet, but I have to support the Rangers, heaven knows they need all the help they can get.
Daddy is a good looking guy and all, but I am so much cuter in pictures by myself.

It is hard work being so cute. Luckily I have a fun swing that mommy and daddy put me in. It helps me to relax when I get tired and go to sleep even without being wrapped up or with my binky in.

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Blacks said...

Very Cute!! She has Pebble's hair.!!!