Monday, November 24, 2008

Austin radio sucks!

I actually wanted to write this a couple of days ago so my anger may have subsided some, but the facts still remain. Austin prides itself on being the live music capital of the world which i personally question, because outside of two major festivals, most of the shows I hear about are lame. But alas, I digress.

Their radio stations suck. There is one station that claims to be alternative, but plays mostly crap that sounds like it came from the 80's, and their talk is so disgusting I can't stand to listen to it and I am not easily offended seeing as how I am in the Marine Corps.

Due to a lack of options, I am forced to listen to a country station which is decent, but like all things, it must be listened to in moderation. I am so sick of country at this point.

For awhile I tried bringing my ipod, but I got tired of the same old songs all the time, and I am too poor to buy new music. So in retaliation I have downloaded conference sessions off the internet as well as an audio recording of Jesus the Christ. I'll show them for playing such crappy music. I will increase my spirituality and probably feel better about everything. HA!


Andrea Hardman said...

you tell 'em! Good for you.

Kim said...

I hear ya, nothing is better than Utah radio. We moved to Idaho and I swear we went back 10 years. They it takes them forever to play new music and if they do it is angry girl rap. Nasty. I gave up on radio.