Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am the cutest ladybug

cute is all I have to say!
My face says it all freakin adorable!

I like being on my Tummy!

Hi everyone mommy took me to get my halloween pictures today and I was so good for her even though I was tired and running errands with mommy all day. We had sushi with one of my girlfriends, I know I am going to love sushi someday it sounds so good. The lady who took my pictures made me giggle and smile a lot I really liked her and I told mommy I want to go back there someday and play with her. She told me that could be arranged. Daddy hasn't even seen these pictures yet but when he does I will have him wrapped around my finger because let's face it I am freakin cute and nobody can deny that. He is in for it when I am older because all the boys are going to be chasing after my cute butt! Oh crap I said butt mommy and daddy are going to put me in time out now to look at the wall even though they say the word butt to each other all the time but I am the one who has to freakin look at the wall. Oh and now I sassed my mommy so that means a even longer time out. Geesh will I ever get this right. I know I will just give her a cute smile and I will be out of time out it always works. Bye everybody.


mel said...

Seeing these pictures is like toture. I don't like it. She is so stinkin cute. I can't wait to love her. Good luck ever getting time with her when you guys come to visit.

Mandy, Brant, Jaxon and Boston said...

ahhhh!!! I can't wait to hold her!!! SHE is so CUTE!!!

Kristin said...

Hey Amanda! I found your blog on the class blog. Your daughter looks so much like you. You probably hear that all of the time. It's so great to see that you're doing well and that you're so happy. Love ya!