Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Livy is growing up so fast now!

We have really been in awe recently of how quickly Livy has been growing up. Every day we just look at her and can't believe how big she is and all of the things she is learning. She loves to help with anything you do. From doing the laundry or dishes to throwing things in the garbage (we think we may have lost our DVD remote this way) she just loves to be a little helper. Even with other kids she is great. She loves to feed other kids snacks, and is surprisingly good at sharing most of the time. She still rarely cries, and the only real tantrums she throws is when you try and hold her hand while walking through a parking lot.

Her new favorite thing is talking. She almost never stops. We went by Amanda's work for lunch today and she had to stop and say hi and wave and blow kisses to everyone she walked past. It was quite adorable. She also loves to talk on the phone whenever she sees mommy and daddy doing it. She almost had a real conversation the other day. She said hi, then rambled for a minute then said bye and hung up. Unfortunately, we weren't done talking and had to call them back, but it is crazy how smart she is and all that she is learning.

She did get her first knee scrape today, but she fought through it like a champ. As soon as she grabbed daddy's sunglasses off his head she stopped crying, and then played with the scrape the whole way home. I was so proud of my tough little girl.

She has been able to climb up on the chairs for quite some time, and anytime we ar on chairs she has to be too. She will even drag them into the kitchen to help you cook. It is a little scary when the stove is hot, but we don't let her get too close.
This is her, "Daddy, I want to wear blue not purple and pink," face. I for one am sick of the limited color selection for girls.

Livy loves to point and make faces. She just has so much personality it is a lot of fun. She definitely has her mommy in her.

She loves to stretch with me after I exercise. She will bend down and touch her toes, and do all kinds of stretches. It is quite amusing until you try and do a pushup and she lays on your back, or a situp and she sits on your stomach.

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