Monday, March 29, 2010

I really love the Wii Fit Plus! (and other musings)

Sorry there are no pictures, but I am at work and it is the middle of the night so I don't care to find any.

I thought it would make my wife happy if I posted something though since we aren't very good at it.

So as the title says I really love our Wii Fit. I spent about a month looking for a store that had one with no luck. Then on the night that I just said screw it I am going to get the EA Active instead there just happened to be a Wii Fit at BestBuy. Mind you I had been there earlier that same day and they did not have one then. Needless to say I was quite happy.

I have wanted one for awhile so that I have something I can do while Livy takes her naps since I obviously can't just leave her to go workout, and the weather here is so hit and miss. If it isn't raining, it is cold, and soon it will be too bloody hot. So this seemed like the perfect solution.

After a week of using it, I must say I am extremely happy with my purchase. I haven't had a chance to explore all of it yet as there is tons of different stuff, but it works up a decent little sweat. I have not gotten truly worn out, which I would enjoy, but I also haven't done a lot of the strength training exercises, and I think once I do I will feel more fulfilled.

It has been good though because the little games are fun, and the fact that it tracks your progress helps keep me motivated. I am also looking forward to geting more games that use the balance board because it is fun to use.

Now some other stuff...

As I mentioned in the beginning I am working again back out at the airport. We were hoping to avoid this, but the Air Force is taking too long and we couldn't go any longerif we wanted to pay our bills. So I am working overnight and taking care of Livy during the day. It can be brutal at times, but the peace of mind knowing our bills will get paid is worth it.

Livy is getting smarter everyday. She copies almost all of our words, and actually says please and thank you, most of the time. She can put all of the pieces in her alphabet puzzle in, thank you Aunt Andrea for the puzzle. She also loves to say hi to everyone which is fun because it brings a smile to everyone's face.

She has started to try and throw more tantrums but for the most part we are good about ignoring her when she does so hopefully that will start to go away.

We also decided to start to take away her binky. Saturday night she slept without it, but we also got home a little late, and she got worn out with her friends. We tried again last night but she just whined and talked for a little while. So we decided to try an idea other people told us about and we cut the tip off the binky, and then you just keep trimming it down until she doesn't want it anymore. We will see how that works, but I would love for the binky to be gone for good.

We are still waiting on the Air Force, but my physical has been approved so I can now be assigned a class date. The next set of class dates should be released in the next week or two so hopefully we will find something out shortly thereafter.

We are also excited to have Aunt Natalie come next week for a little visit. We love to have the company, so it should be fun.

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Kristine said...

Have fun with Natalie. I am sure she will be a blast to have around.

And enjoy that Wii fit. I used my sisters over Christmas break and I loved it.