Thursday, October 1, 2009

The rest of Amanda's videos

Here by popular demand:

This first one may be considered PG-13 so watch it at your own risk.

This video is only 15 seconds, but she kept going for a good couple of minutes.

I think this one was more singing.

Playing peek a boo with the curtains. This wasn't the best peek a boo, but still funny.


Kristine said...

Amanda, You are Hilarious on Drugs. Very entertaining. I may have to spike your drink the next time I see you just to get a good laugh. I loved the end of the peek a boo one. Just sitting there pretending like you weren't doing anything. Hilarious!

pianogirl said...

Absolutely hilarious! Made my day.

Tawna said...

Red Blob, you are one of my most favorite people ever! I laughed so hard over these videos, they are totally you! I get a little loopy myself on high dose meds. I took Percocet after my surgery recently, and apparently I sent out a lot of inappropriate texts to people-totally didn't even realize what I was saying or doing! And I get super touchy feely as well. But you by far are my favorite person on drugs, I wish I could have seen this live, I would have died of laughter! I love you sister!