Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Camping Trip

So we went on a camping trip a couple of weeks ago and it was so much fun. It was our first time ever together to go camping. Livy loved it but we had to do a lot of watching with her by the fire and walking around everywhere. It gets tiring. She loved the smores the best as did I. Dave and I did tinfoil dinners but we didn't know how long for them to be in there and dave burnt ours quite a bit but he gave me the better of the two cause they were burnt he is a good guy. It was still yummy though. Five friends from the ward came camping with us so it made the conversation a lot of fun and livy to have kids to play with. She loves rocks so much whenever she finds a big rock she has to pick it up. It is quite cute. She finally got asleep on daddys chest and then was put into the pack'n'play which she slept through the whole night but I didn't sleep a wink since I was on the hard ground. Dave slept fine he can sleep anywhere. We then had a lovely breakfast and dave pulled out his handy dandy oven on his little stove top. It was really cool. I will post pictures in a little bit.

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Andrea Hardman said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun! I wish we could have come with you. It's too cold to camp here, now. I do hate sleeping on the hard ground, though.