Sunday, April 5, 2009

Picture Time!

So here are some of our activities we have been doing. We went to this easter egg hunt yesterday but missed it because I looked up the wrong park so we went home and found the right one. They had a carnival afterwards that we took livy to. We were going to take pictures with the easter rabbit but he looked evil and the line was for ever so we opted out. This is us at the park. They had a petting zoo that livy was able to touch the goats but all the other animals there were to many kids around shoving.

This is Olivia touching the pool for the first time but the water was still freezing so we couldn't get in. It still needs to be warmer everyday for this to happen but she just kicked and kicked.

This picture below is one of the first times livy pulled herself up on the coffee table. The printer is on the ground and helps her get up to the table. She loves being on her feet all the time and gets frustrated when she can't pull herself up.

All of these pictures below are of our adorable little girl feeding herself or us feeding her. She makes this fishy face so we can't get food in her mouth. She thinks it is quite funny! We are starting to love that she can feed herself now and we don't always have to feed her. She is a joy to us and couldn't live with out her.


Sarah and Landon said...

So Cute, I love her dress!! She is getting crazy big!! and so cute!!

Mike and Mandy said...

Livy is getting so big! I love how warm it looks there. It snowed two inches today and we are stuck inside. I am glad things are going well.

Bryan and Jennifer said...

Guess I had better check your blog more often. Livvy is getting so big! How adroable she is! Can't wait to see you all soon.