Sunday, March 15, 2009

Picture time

So I thought it was time to show some fun things with livy. We finally are able to put shoes on her and curl her hair as you will see below. She does not know what to do with shoes on it is quite funny. Olivia also has so much hair we like to curl it with mouse and she looks so darn cute. Everyone is always jealous of how much hair she has. Then we have Olivia going to her first baseball game ever the UT mens team. She had a lot of fun with me and one of my friends but daddy couldn't make it he was pretty bummed about missing her first baseball games. Then my favorite is Olivia chowing down on ice cream she loves that stuff and she gets so angry if you stop feeding her. It is quite the mess as you will see in the pictures but it is well worth it. She brings us such joy to our lives.

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Kristine said...

she is getting so big. i love the curls on the top of her head. i am also jealous that she has a fudge bar. i want one.