Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pink Eye

Some of you may know Olivia ended up getting pink eye from her cousins at christmas and now I ended up getting it yesterday. Tuesday I was pretty sure I was getting it but I decided not to go to the doctor yet so when I woke up Wednesday my eyes were bad. I went into the walk in clinic and got some eye drops. I took a nap that afternoon and when I woke up my eyes seemed to be getting worse which didn't make sense since I put the drops in. I put somemore in and an hour later they were even worse. Dave was at work so I called my cousins Stacia and Eric and they ran me to the ER. I sat there for seriously three hours. When the doctor saw me he said "Woo missy what happened to you" You should have seen me it was like a bumble bee stung my eyes and I was dizzy and my eyes were way red. I was freaking out. He gave me a shot of Benadryl, steroids, and new eye drops. I guess he said since I have contacts the drops I was prescribed are more prone to bacterial infection. I got every allergy to this medicine and it sucked. Dave came to the ER and when they gave me the shot of Benadryl I was so tired and I get goofy when I am that tired. He said it was pretty funny. I tried not to fall out of the chair that was hard since only one side had an arm. Then we sat there for another hour so the doctor could write me a prescription of all things to sit for that should only take one minute to write. Then we went to the pharmacist and that was 24 hours because it was 10 at night now and they said the wait would be an hour. Stacia and Eric took livy home and I was feeling sordof bad. I went inside and when they saw me they put me at the top of the list. Anyone who would have seen me that day would have had pitty on me or say stay away from me. I hope Dave does not get it and livy is still on her meds so she shouldn't get it. In the end my swelling is so much better but could take a week to go down. Today the doctor at the walk in clinic called me and apoligized about this. He wouldn't have had any idea that I would have reacted that way but he also didn't ask me if I wore contacts and that might have changed his mind. I wish I took a picture yesterday of how bad it was but I will let your imagination work instead. I have just decided if anyone of our families have pink eye we will not be around them it is so not worth what livy or I went through. So much fun!


Vi 12s said...

That totally stinks- and I'm very disappointed to not have a picture or any video footage of you all hopped up! Don't you know that now that you blog you have to take your camera everywhere? ha ha

Kristine said...

Sorry to hear about your pink eye troubles. We feel bad for giving it to you.

Alessia woke up with it again today. So make sure you don't throw away any extra drops just in case it returns.

I hope you are feeling better.