Sunday, September 7, 2008

Visiting daddy

Mommy and I like to go and visit daddy when he is at work. It is fun to go and see all of the big planes. I also like to sit on his lap and workout. I wore my workout clothes when we went this time. I especially like wearing my old lady headband, at least that is what daddy calls it.

I like to flex my muscles and show them off. It keeps all of the boys away, because boys are yucky and I don't like them very much.

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Justin and Lindsay Wilkin said...

Amanda, I am so glad you got in touch with me. You have such a beautiful family. Your daughter is gorgeous! :) I am glad to see that things are going so good for you. I'm with you I like to throw an occasional Y'all in while I'm talking to! :) My husband cracks me up, he his the best with the southern lingo although he grew up here in GA. so it sounds a lot more natural. He will say things like it's Y'all's ball, etc... Isn't it great to live in the south? I have had so many new and wonderful experiences since I've lived here. I would love to keep in touch my e-mail is