Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My daughter and I's flying journey

So Olivia and I are out in Seattle with my sister Jen right now and I was so scared to fly with Olivia by myself since Dave wasn't coming. Let me tell you though it was so nice. My daughter is an angel. The first guy I sat by loved Olivia his name was Gary and he just helped me out with her the whole time and he even bought my snack for me. Isn't it nice to know there are still great people out there especially if anyone heard about Oprah show that was on about Sexual Predators I wanted to keep my daughter away from everyone and everybody. He also carried her out for me from the airplance because he saw that my hands were full. Then I on my second layover flight my daughter just stared at me forever and just smiled and kicked. When the flight was over the old little couple behind me got up and they said "Oh my goodness I didn't even know you had a baby up there, she is such a good baby" Of course I said I know she is great! The little old lady then said "She is so adorable, now I don't say this very often but your baby is a great baby so take that as a compliment!" It was darn cute and then everyone of course was like oh how adorable and like wanting to touch her hand or leg it is like listen people do you not see she is a newborn it's not like I go out and touch you and say you are so cute! People are so dumb sometimes. Am I mean oh well I don't care DON'T TOUCH MY BABY UNLESS I SAY YOU CAN! All in all it was great. I love being with Jen, Bry and the kids I would post pictures but my sister has an old computer that doesn't have an adapter to put your card stick in so I will do it when I get back.


Blacks said...

I am so going to touch your baby when I see her :)

amanda lynn said...

Heather you are different you are family that doesn't count!

Andrea Hardman said...

Yea. You should definately carry hand sanitizer with you at all times and douse her hands with it often. People can't help but touch cute babies. And yours is EXTRA cute and good so, geez, cut em some slack! :) J/K You'll get all sorts of advise, too. Just smile and say, "Oh, I'll keep that in mind." Then they will go away happy. But don't say that to me, cuz I'll know what you're doing!!!!! Love you!