Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Well it's official we are having our third baby.  I swear this will be our last for the way I am feeling now.  I feel disgusting so just because of that I know it has to be a girl.  Those girls like to take a toll on mommies body.  Easton was so nice compared to girls.  I am so emotional to.  Yesterday I cried about my neighbor coming to see me because I looked a wreck and all she was doing was dropping off a shirt.  I cry to because I am so tired of being sick and my sickness just started.  How am I going to get through 33 more weeks.  Luckily the vomiting, dizziness, and lack of wanting food cause of smells usually goes away by week 13.  So I sure hope it does.  We are going away for Thanksgiving so I would like it to be fun for me not miserable while I am eating the yummy food we will prepare for it.  You will probably see me rant during this pregnancy because I need an outlet to write down how I am feeling.  See please don't read if you get tired of me complaining.  I feel like a terrible mother right now because I have no energy to take my kids anywhere or to play with them.  So they end up watching TV way to much!  Dave told me not to worry about it but that is what I do worry and look at the miserable things about my life right now.  I sound so lovely I would definitely want to be around myself. :)


Jeff & Michelle said...

Well, at least it got you to blog again! :) I totally empathize. I am not a very lovely, nice pregnant lady! Congrats on #3!

Anonymous said...